Healthy Skin the Healthy Way with Biotique BXL Cellular Rehydrating Scrub

By Ashita Bhandari

Night creams, moisturizers, serums, whitening solutions, scrubs and face packs are some of the most common products we use on our face. We prefer some brands to others because of the way they are portrayed, the ingredients they consist of or simply because a friend suggested them to us. Little do we realize the value of herbs and organic products found in our homes and gardens.

Biotique BXL Cellular Rehydrating Scrub

However in today’s day and age with little time to spare, it is impossible to completely rely on home remedies and your grandmother’s ingredients for your hair, skin and makeup, as they can be time consuming and a hassle at times.


We have come across a few novel products from one of our most favoured brands for skin care, Biotique. Their no chemical compound formula for each of its products makes it risk free for all skin types. All its products contain natural Ayurvedic ingredients known to and used in India since the olden ages. Biotique uses Ayurvedic recipes with Swiss technology. We recently tried on the Biotique BXL Cellular Rehydrating Scrub and loved it from the first application!

The creamy texture hydrates your skin and the 100% botanical extracts help remove impurities and dirt. It gets rid of unwanted tan in just a few applications and brings your skin to its natural colour.

The Rehydrating Scrub contains mulberry Fruit extract, saffron stigma extract, gooseberry fruit extract, turmeric rhyzome extract, grape fruit extract, apple fruit juice, blackberry fruit extract and fullers earth powder that help unclog and tighten pores. You are left with smooth, fresh skin. Just massage the scrub on your face in circular outward motions and rinse. It surely did wonders for my skin! Also, natural Ayurvedic ingredients are healthy in the long run as well!

Biotique has a spread of other products you can try out from as well. Take a step to revive your skin with nature.

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Story by: Ashita Bhandari





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