Instant Noodles Bye Bye!

By Ashita Bhandari

We all know instant noodles are not the healthiest dietary option. They may come to save your day after a long day of hectic work, or when you have friends over and nothing to cook, but we cannot ignore a few facts about instant noodles that prove to be extremely harmful in the long run.



Almost every family and household has a pack (or more!) of instant noodles. The taste is almost addictive. The recent controversies have surely made people realize and aware of their ill effects and some homes have stopped consuming them completely, but there are a lot who still do. Anything in excess can be harmful, but something that’s already harmful, in excess can be fatal. Of course we don’t realize it now, because the effects are not immediate.

The first con of precooked noodles would be it is made of finely ground, bleached flour (maida), which incites indigestion. A few common effects would be bloating, obesity, high blood pressure and so on.

A very shocking revelation, all instant noodles are DEEP-FRIED! Even if you ignored all the above facts, you cannot ignore this. Deep fried foods are tied to the risk of having diabetes and other heart problems. Sadly, all the work out, running we do to stay healthy and fit goes in vain.


But here’s the good news! For people who can’t quit noodles (and we don’t blame you!) Saffola Masala Oats is a healthier and safer option! No maida, no deep fries, no harm! With the same sweet piquant flovour of spices and perfect texture, they are perfect to have for breakfast and start your day with. Oats for dinner is not a bad option either. They are healthy, tasty and safe; complementing your workout regime and fit body goals too! What are you waiting for? Replace those pre-cooked noodled with healthy Masala Oats today!


Saffola, which has always believed that healthy and tasty goes hand in hand, has listed some unbelievably delicious recipes on where you can browse through different oats recipes suggested by celebrity chefs like Chef Kunal Kapur and Chef Saransh Goila amongst many.

 Eat Healthy, Eat tasty!

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Story by: Ashita Bhandari



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