Aussies and their Hairdos

By Ashita Bhandari

Cricket is one of the most sought after games in the world. Like football players and tennis players, cricketers are also looked upon as celebs. They are followed not only for their game on the ground but fans also follow their dressing style, how and which accessories they put on, cricket equipment they use and also their hair styles! We have all seen Dhoni and his hair changing over a period of time from long locks to bald to short hair. Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh are adored by their fans for their outstanding performance on field as well as their bold and confident attitude towards things. But enough with Indian cricketers, we all know and see them with close attention. Here is a list of some of the most charming, stylish Aussies who’s style we dig and hair we love the most.

Glenn Maxwell:

Glenn Maxwell

Glen Maxwell loves wearing caps. His style is cool and effortless. Often spotted in baseball t-shirts and monochromatic pullovers, he doesn’t need to try hard to look good. Dark brown hair cut short, with longer fronts, we love his carefree style. Suited best on oval faces.

Steven Smith:

Steven Smith

Chocolate brown hair always swept back. Steven Smith has an air of calm and sophistication. He loves experiencing new cultures and things. This evergreen classic hairdo goes best with oblong faces.

David Warner:

David Warner

David Warner, a family man with two beautiful girls. He likes his hair short and straight, neatly combed in a backward wave. If ever you want to get your hair coloured boys, blond specks in light brown hair would go the best with fair skin.

James Faulkner:

James Faulkner

Messy hair don’t care look on point! His hair always looks styled that way on purpose. He definitely carries the look very well. This textured quiff goes best with triangular face shapes.

Aaron Finch:

Aaron Finch on the left with Tom Curron

Aaron Finch on the left with Tom Curron

Crew cut and dark gold hair. Could anyone have carried off this no maintenance look better? This style looks best with square face shapes.

So next time you visit your coiffeur, ask him for the best cut according to your shape.

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Story by: Ashita Bhandari

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