Home Decor and Interior Trends Inspired From the Fashion Runway

By Ashita Bhandari

The forms of art are all interrelated. Fashion trends are inspired from art, nature and global scenarios. The same way paintings and art are inspired by fashion, nature and the current environment. So are interior trends. We like to live in a space that matches our mood, personality and choice of surrounding. It includes colours, textures and a combination of their schemes. Believe is or not but interior trends and fashion trends are also closely knit together. Textiles, materials, colours and designs are all mutual aspects between them. Here are some of the home interior trends inspired by fashion to look out for in 2018


Bold yet muted colours with an over-dyed effect. A single piece will transform your living room and give it an evergreen vintage look. Sailor Blues, Harbour Mist, Warm Sand and Coconut Milk are colour palette for Spring 2018 and are going to be themost widely used and recognized colours for fashion, textiles, home and interior design.             

Embroidery & Appliqué:

Embroidery, appiqué and patchwork have always been there in bed linens and cushionary. With getting popular in the runways, they are now back in the interior trend list with revamped designs and styles.


An evergreen fabric, velvet house decors never go out of style. Soft, elegant and plush they give any space a vintage, regal look.


After the space inspired master show by Karl Lagerfeld, metallic from the 1960s have made a comeback in interiors s well. A plane design in metallic can make any piece look trendy and appealing.



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