The Glowiest Highlighter from Marc Jacobs

By Ashita Bhandari

Marc Jacobs launched its glowiest highlighter and we can’t get our jaws up.

marc 1

Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter is exactly what its name is. The silken texture is neither too runny nor too stiff. It is the perfect gold colour in every sense. What we love the most about it is, is that it doesn’t have glitter. It has a really well balanced sheen which when applied to cheekbones, instantly brings a natural glow to your face without making you look like a halo (many highlighters do!). Another plus point? You can blend it in with your foundation or apply after! Don’t restrict applying it just to your cheekbones; you can brush it in strokes on your nose, upper lips and also on your collarbones and shoulders. We also tried on the lips! It brings a fresh natural glow to your face and instantly lights it up. Mixing the dewy highlighter with foundation brings a subtle radiance all over, although if you are looking for a more prominent sheen, we suggest using it after the foundation, primer routine. For a better coverage, make sure the foundation you mix it in is not too dry.

marc 2

The beautiful golden-cream hue compliments almost all skin tones. You can’t get enough of the subdued smell of coconut; it makes you smell like a beach vacation and all you can think of, while trying to get more whiffs of it, are clear blue skies and tall willowing palm trees. If you are a highlighter addict, you would surely want to invest in it.

It comes in a cute glass bottle with a frosted bottom and a white cap. Its pump gives out product according to the pressure you apply, so it doesn’t get wasted either. Our take on it would be, highlighter fans go for it! If you are looking for essentials, you can opt for other highlighters instead of an investment in this.

Price: US $44



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