Think South Indian, Think Banana Leaf!

By Ashita Bhandari


Spicy mysore dosa, tasty uttapam, soft steamed idlis and rice appams. Mouth watering much? We all love south Indian dishes. What’s not to love about them? Light to eat, healthy and delicious. They are a snack and a full meal at the same time. The south Indian staple, rice is mixed with lentils, coconut milk and other aromatic spices and blended in ideal proportions to make the most delish repasts. The dishes are low calorie and easy to digest. That’s not it; the best part about them is they do not use much oil for cooking either.

One of the best in their field, the Banana Leaf restaurant has some of the most delectable and fresh variety of authentic south Indian dishes; each of which you will love.

banana 1

Entering the restaurant is like visiting a city in the south, full of ethnicity and traditional art. You are welcomed with the smell of freshly ground spices and a friendly crew, dressed aptly. Carvings of south Indian temples engrave the wall. The sweet classical music adds to the ambience. They strive to give the best experience along with their finger licking cuisine economically.

You cannot have just one favourite there. Start with their ‘thakalli parippu rasam’, which is the perfect blend of spicy and salted ingredients that frees your senses and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Try their range of dosas and uttapams available in every possible flovour you can imagine. Our favourite was the ‘vegetable chettinad’ or any other dish for that matter! All served on a ‘Vazhaillai’, a freshly cut banana leaf that further augments the smell and the taste of the meal and also has medicinal values, time-tested over centuries.

banana 2

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Vazhaillai at Banana Leaf! You will fall in love with the food just like we did.




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