Taste the Magic Connoisseurs Bake

By Ashita Bhandari

Just like we have patrons of art, there are patrons of dessert. In a country like India; each city, each street has a different style and twist of desserts. From Bengali mishtis, south Indian halwas to gourmet pastries, Indians love them all.


However, never has been seen a modern patisserie inculcating the tastes and ingredients of the famous Indian khaugallis in their contemporary dessert styles.

The country has long lacked a mélange of the taste in the hands of home chefs around the country. Inspired by exploring these khaugallis in several cities and skilled from Le Cordon Bleu, chef Dhawal Shah came up with a luxury gourmet patisserie. He believes, just like every Indian, desserts to be an integral part of all meals and should not be compromised upon. The existing palates should no longer limit desserts; Dhawal has successfully endeavoured to cater to the true dessert aficionados by bringing in unconventional tastes to his menu of ever evolving gourmet desserts.

The Dessert Street condenses an assortment of custom-made decadent desserts that gratify all five of your senses. Their zero-preservative offerings are made from some of the choicest ingredients. The select menu comprises of Entremet, Tarts, Bonbons, Thins, Truffles, Cookies and Modern tarts in the first edition of the boutique patisserie. Each of which tantalizingly appeal to the taste buds and are a vision to the eyes. Smooth textures with eccentric colours wrapped up in an elegant packaging, ready for gifting.

Dhawal Shah and his team of five beautifully handcraft and sculpt every piece of decadence, consequently looking no less than art. To avoid unwanted wastage in their kitchen, they work only on custom pre-orders. Dhawal inspects each baked confectionary himself before it is carefully delivered to the client’s doorstep. His conscientious research and diligent hours of work are evident in his work. The new methods of preparation, innovative packaging and sought ingredients ensure opening the confection is no less than magic.

It surely is an experience you would want to indulgence in. Order for yourself or gift it to a loved one, it is certainly worth a try.

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