Fashion Inventions That Define The Industry

By Ashita Bhandari

Trends are forecasted, fashion is amassed but some pieces remain iconic and never truly grow old; they are ever present in the world of fashion we now see. These pieces revolutionize fashion and become a landmark in history. Here are fashion’s most iconic inventions; the world can never get over from!

  1. The Burberry Trench

1The British brand rose to popularity in the late 1800s after it came up with weatherproof trench coats made of gabardine. It owes it all to Thomas Burberry and the light, water-resistant fabric he invented. It was a success in no time receiving orders from the British Army.

2. The Little Black Dress


Before the 1920s, black was only worn by women while mourning. However, the one and only, Gabrielle Chanel put an end to it. The dress was popularized in 1926 when Vogue published a sketch of the dress and associated it with Ford T. Although it became a selling success and timeless staple after Audrey Hepburn wore it in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. The dress has evolved and been modified but its appeal remains unchanged.

  1. Chanel 2.55

3Invented in 1929, the Chanel bag was hand-carried and cumbersome. With a slight twist of design and addition of shoulder straps, the Chanel 2.55 was reformed and for the first time it was acceptable for women of status to carry a bag on their shoulder.

  1. Hermès Birkin

On a flight to London, French actress Jane Birkin dropped her diary with a flurry of papers spread around. Her neighbour and art director of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas came to her aide. The actress ranted about how a nice bag wasn’t big enough and didn’t have enough pockets and went on describing what a perfect bag should be like. Mr. Dumas took notes and well that was the birth of Birkin!

5. YSL Smoking Jacket

In a time when wearing pants was off limits by women, Yves Saint Laurent introduced the world to ‘Le Smoking’, a striped tuxedo for women. It quickly became the epitome of sex appeal giving women more than a trend to follow, it gave equality, competence and confidence.

  1. DvF Wrap Dress

6Making a woman feel free and sexy, the wrap dress was invented by Diane Von Fürstenberg. She decided to create a dress combining her wrap top and wrap skirt into one. The versatile dress can be worn on dates, work or at home, thus creating an important mark in history.


Stay tuned for more iconic inventions that brought about a revolution in fashion!



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