Timeless Pieces Of Fashion

By Ashita Bhandari

We are back with our list of fashion’s most iconic inventions! We have made a continual list of thirteen most enduring, statement pieces (not necessarily rank-wise) that can never go out of style.


Chanel Tweed Jacket


As Karl Lagerfeld puts it,

“ There are three things in fashion that never go out of style; jeans, a white shirt and a Chanel jacket.”

A journey to Scotland with the Duke of Westminster was the inspiration behind the tweed jacket by Chanel. The jacket has undergone several adaptations and versions yet remains the cornerstone of fashion.


Lady Dior Bag

First made in the ateliers of Dior in 1994, the Lady Dior bag has always been instantly recognizable. Born with the desire to create a strong identity, the bag also gives a tribute to Lady Diana.


The Breton Stripe


The navy and white striped pattern so popular today actually dates back to 1858. The pattern on a knitted shirt was required to be worn by the French navy seamen in the region of Brtittany. The first of Breton shirts featured 21 stripes, each a symbol of the victories by Napoleon. However, it was Chanel (yes, again!) who popularised it with her nautical collection in the 1917.


The Red Sole


Who doesn’t love a pair of heels with the Red sole? The Red sole heels were designed by Christian Louboutin. In his studio in Paris, the designer was working on the Pensée. He felt something missing from the otherwise spectacular shoe body. As fate would have it, sitting nearby his secretary was painting her nails red. Christian snatched the bottle from her and painted the sole red. Needless to say how big a hit it has been since.



One of the important items in a man’s closet, the oxford shoe has remained an indispensable accessory through years. It is said the Oxfords actually were side slit boots. Over time the slits evolved into laces. Students of Oxford wore these shoes a lot in the 1800s. Just like every great style, people picked it up quickly. They could soon be seen on everyone and now is a necessity for all kinds of formal events.



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