Make-up Products That Actually Get Over

By Ashita Bhandari

Every girl has a ton of beauty products, most of which she never uses. Highlighters, blushers, lipsticks, foundations and what not. Let’s be honest for a minute here, how many makeup products do have since ages, barely ever touched. A lot more than a few surely! After all you never know when the emergency will come up or for that Halloween party or a theme party with friends. But there are some products (the essentials of life!) that we keep buying again and again. They are actually the most used in our kits which we can’t go without.


That Perfect Red

That perfect shade of red lipstick that makes your skin look flawless, lips naturally pout and goes with all your dresses. Red lips can never go out of style! If you haven’t found it, try the Ruby Woo by Mac. It’s one of the most bought lipsticks around the world.


Paint Them Nude

Nude is a go-to colour no matter what the time of the year is. Its subtle yet so trendy. Goes with anything and everything. We love pink nudes especially the pastels. The really lights pinks are always safe to wear never being too flashy. O.P.I. has the best nail polish swatches ever. Colour bar also has pretty long lasting nail polishes.


That Extra Coverage Foundation

Another product that empties really fast! It’s really important to have a foundation base that works best for your skin texture and colour. If you have dry skin you can mix a skin lotion with your foundation for a smoother finish.


Eye Liner

Every Indian loves eyeliners and kohls. Its amazing how one black line above or under the eye can transform your face so much! Use gel liners for an extra smudge-free look. We love Kat Von D and L’Oréal gel liner. They are intensely pigmented and smooth to use.


Spots, blemishes and dark circles. Concealers got you covered. For makeup fanatics, concealers end up getting used up pretty fast. They come in liquid, cream and stick. Picking the right one is important for better skin coverage. Remember to wear a two shades lighter formula to cover the under eyes.




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