Layer On!

By Ashita Bhandari

Winters come and go, but one of the few things that remain unchanged is the one ‘fashion tool’ of Layering! It helps you brave the chill and also pulls you on top of the in-fashion list. Layering your outfit isn’t that difficult. Here are a few simple rules of layering that our style divas abide by.

Balance– If you want to wear more layers on the top, make sure you balance it with a slimmer silhouette on the bottom. Pairing blazer jackets with wide legged pants is another way to gain some fashion points. It balances and gives the illusion of a slimmer silhouette.

11 deepika

Don’t make it look bulky– It is extremely important that the combination you pick does not make you look big.


Texture and Colour– When playing with different shades of the same colour, adding a textured or different coloured jacket is a great idea for a classic look.


Shades– The most easy and popular colours to layer with are grays, blacks and taupes. The combo can never go wrong! But if you’re still not sure, just go with a single colour!

9 sonam

Turtlenecks– A turtleneck sweater tucked into a pair of wide legged trousers always looks great. Throw a trench or a jacket over it for an effortless look. Or wear a turtleneck underneath a shirt!

8 karisma

Cinch the Waist– Tie a belt over your midriff and flaunt your shape even under the layers. Another cool idea could be to tie a sweater or jacket around your waist.

Over the Shoulder– Drape your jacket over the shoulders. Its super practical to take off when going to the indoors from outdoors all the while looking extra stylish.

6 sonam

Short Dress– If you have an oversized sweater making you look bulky, wear a short dress underneath and put on long boots. It truly looks spectacular.

7 sonam

Scarf– Whether you hang it down or circle it around your neck, a thick scarf will add just the iota of appeal you need to up your look.

4 scarf

Don’t be afraid to try out your own combinations. Rock the look you feel good in! And do comment how you style your winter layers below!



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