7 Things To Do To Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By Ashita Bhandari

February 14 is back and we’re hoping (unsuccessfully of course) St. Valentine does not hail again. Just like any other trend; Halloween, Easter, New Year’s, Indians just love festivals from the ‘west side’ and make them an excuse to celebrate. Which is not that bad unless others have to keep up with the cheesy sights all around with couples twinning and posting ‘cute’ couple-y pictures (RME). So here’s what we can do in order to have a normal 14th of February.


  1. Work

Go to work like other days and pretend there’s nothing different. If you pretend for long enough even others will start believing (and hopefully complying!).

1 work


  1. Outing with your bros and besties

Nothing can compare a great time with your best friends. You are sure to elude all the cheesiness among the laughter and fun. Even if you are not single!

2 party

  1. Game night

Invite your friends for an intense gaming session. A few pizzas, a crate of beer and you’re sorted.


  1. Make mom happy

Get a little something for mommy dearest and spend quality time with her. Preferably not watching tv! She’s the one who deserves the most love and attention afterall.

3 mom

  1. Movie night

Call girlfriends over and watch your favourite movies and shows with popcorn, soft drinks and snacks spread before you. You can also have a good laugh checking out pictures of love struck couples. Haha!

4 gossip

  1. Binge watching

Because one episode of your favourite series is never enough. Get cozy under covers and watch a marathon of Riverdale or friends or Gossip Girl episodes with chips and chocolates handy.

6 episode

  1. Nap!

Best thing to do. Catch up on your sleep from the past week. Or catch up on sleep that may be deprived in the coming week. Perhaps after running yourself a long hot bath with essential oils and salts. Zzz

7 nap



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