The 7 Best Trendiest Sites to Shop from

By Ashita Bhandari

We can all agree there is no therapy like retail therapy. But what’s almost as good as it is retail therapy brought home!

With shopping online becoming more and more popular we have put together the 7 best clothing sites you’ll wish you had known earlier! You can grab on to crazy flash sales and discounts even.


  1. Stalk Buy Love

The site has such a colossal range of clothing for women along with pages for ongoing trends, look books and much more. It is not just a site to shop, stay fashion updated just by going through it! It has tens of filters, so you don’t have to settle for anything.


2. Lulu & Sky

Among the dozen other ads you come across, you might have heard of this one. But the site it actually great! With a splendid collection of shoes, clothing and especially bags, they’ll woo you straight away. They have heavy discounts on most things, which makes it so pocket friendly.


3. Zara

7 zara

Ofcourse, Zara just had to be on our list. Need we state reasons why? Over the years, Zara has become a brand synonymous with style, eminence and refinement. I’m sure every girl has at least one Zara clothing in her closet if not a dozen! And since it recently came online, we couldn’t be happier.


4. SheIn

9 SheIn

Being fashionable never got any more affordable. This site also recently started delivering to India. It has one of the biggest collections of clothing along with trendy footwear and accessories. And it adds more stock every day! The price is crazy and so are the discounts that literally run daily!


5. Farfetch

10 farfetch

A one-stop shop for buying goodies from all luxury brands and designers you can think of! Balenciaga, Givenchy, Gucci, you got it all here. Most of all, they are in-trend and updated. Chanel recently partnered with Farfetch for an augmented boutique experience.


6. The Collective

12 the collective

You’ll get most of the high-end and premium brands here. Ties, shoes, bags, apparel, watches and accessories. Their collection is sophisticated and classy. They even have brands that don’t have stores opened in India as yet.


7. Amazon


Because delivery within two days can be a lifesaver! Amazon offers every possible thing you can imagine. It has one of the largest varieties of clothing brands, makeup and what not. So go on splurge!



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