Traveller’s Suitcase: A Guide To Organized, Luxe Travel

By Ashita Bhandari

Travelling isn’t just going one place to another; it’s also about how you make the journey. With athleisure, travel wear and accessories becoming more and more popular here are a few travel accessories that you need to own to complete your trip. Also, they are so instagram worthy; buying them is a complete value for money.


  1. Personalized passport holders

They look so classy. You can get them customized in your colours, patterns and designs. A plain cover with your initials or name embossed is also a great option. Needless to say how convenient they can be. Your passport, tickets, cards all together. Hassle free!


  1. A makeup case


Can it get any girlier than this? A Victoria’s Secret makeup case in pink. Apart from it being so cute and pretty, it’s high on functionality as well. A standing one is better because it keeps your makeup more organized. Make sure you buy one in a material that can be washed easily. You don’t want lipstick and foundation blotches all over!


  1. Toiletry pouch

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It is so important to have all your daily essentials organized together. And this Bottega Veneta pouch is just what you need to amp your style. With its discreet yet instantly recognizable weaves, it is sure to stand apart.


  1. Laundry bag

Keep all your dirties separately in a sack. There are so many options to choose from. Or you can make your own DIY laundry bag, it’s super easy and quick!


  1. Suitcase set

6 suitcase

Having a hard shell suitcase is so important especially while making international trips. While a Louis Vuitton trunk case will be any luxury traveller’s first want, if you do not wish to splurge as much; Tumi, Samsonite, Victorinox are great choices as well. A matching suitcase and cabin bag looks so appealing.


  1. Professional camera


Last but not the least. If you’re going for a vacation, how can you forget that one thing that will save your memories forever!



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