Spring Summer 2018 Most Iconic Runway Moments

By Ashita Bhandari

Fashion shows have evolved a lot in the past 100 years and more. From being mere displays to present couture to buyers and special clientele in French couture salons to its adaptation in the States, fashion shows have now become an experience for entertainment, trend setting and spotting the who’s who of the glamour world. Soon after it came to New York, American retailers made their own versions of the concept of fashion shows. Shortly after, American designers held their own private fashion shows and that was the beginning of what we see now.


Now, houses like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendy et al not only set trends and pave styles, they have given a whole new meaning to runway. Just when you think it cannot get any better, they hit you up with another spectacular set, ingenious concept and crazy props.

Edward Mohney’s outlandish art 

The designer showcased condom dresses and rubber stilettos that are going by the name ‘trumpettos’ because of their resemblance with US President Donald Trump.


Petting Tod’s 

Gigi Hadid opened the Tod’s show carrying a French bulldog in her hand right hand and a brown cross body in her left.


Gucci Apocalypse 

If you thought Edward Mohney is weird, think again. Gucci models carried replicas of their own heads. The Cyborg collection was showcased in an operating room seemingly runway. Some models carried baby dragons and snakes as well. Alessandro Michele, Creative Director Gucci said, “ Limiting fashion to something that only produces business is too easy.” And we agree with him.


Flying Dolce Gabbana bags

Luxury handbags were exhibited not by models carrying them, but drones flying down the runway. The flying robots stopped for photographs and appraisals of the crowd. In the Silicon Valley Fashion Week, 2015, drones were used to walk down clothes.


Chanel jardin

Unpretentious and natural. The Chanel runway had cliff top settings, flowing waterfalls and a wooden ramp. We were still not done awing its space collection, when Karl Lagerfeld created this beauty.




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