Women Power: A Talk With Leading Ladies of India

By Ashita Bhandari

In what used to be a male dominated society, women are no longer the left hand. It won’t be wrong to call them alphas. We had a talk with three of the most inspirational and successful women who balance work, hobbies, friends and family without being deterred from their goals.


Devita Saraf, CEO Vu Technologies

1 Devita Saraf Official (36)

Founder, CEO and design head of Vu technologies, Devita started off with her family business at the age of 16. Having a natural business instinct, it did not take her long to open her own company at the age of 24. She’s vivacious, dedicated, fashionable and ofcourse successful.

  1. We would love to know what was the most important factor behind the success story of Vu technologies

When I was 24, I wrote a strong but audacious business plan to blend luxury and technology. By 25, I had my own store and a revenue of Rs. 96 lakhs in the first year. 11 years later, I have 300 employees with a revenue of Rs.750 Cr, however we’ve stuck to the original vision by constantly launching new innovative products, luxury stores, exemplary customer service and more.“I believe, knowing what you want and sticking to what you believe in, while adapting to market trends, is the main ingredient of success.”


  1. Your pass time hobbies

I’m a creative and active person. From Flamenco in Barcelona to Batik painting in Penang, I am constantly engaging and learning new forms of art and dance. It keeps me fresh and inspired in my business, and a happy person at heart.

  1. How do you manage so much. Work, hobbies (dancing, travel, writing, jewellery designing) and your personal life.

Yoga and chocolate, haha!“I woke up this morning in Dubai and started off my day doing Surya Namaskars by Nikki beach. Then I flew to Mumbai, went straight to work and got home by 10pm.”

By 10:30pm, I was at the gym and now I’m replying to your answers while polishing off some yummy Key West chocolates that the hotel concierge gifted me.

  1. What is the best decision you made regarding your company

To stick to profitable areas. We constantly review product categories, geographical markets, team members and only work with the best. It keeps us goal oriented as a team, while being able to keep a strong cash flow.

5. Any plans to get married

When I meet the right person, but I have incredibly high standards.

  1. A piece of advice to all women

Be a good friend. However successful you may be, it is your friends that you can count on and vice versa. Having a consistent, supportive and loving group of genuine girlfriends is rewarding and keeps it real.

Aarti Singh, Head NDTV Lifestyle

The fashion head of NDTV lifestyle and the reason behind its youthful repositioning, Arati is another woman to look up to. A modern woman who hasn’t and does not let others forget the beauty of India; designs, crafts and fashion.

  1. What is the most difficult aspect of work
    Nothing is difficult if you break it down into smaller tasks but my least favourite part is admin and paperwork

     2. What do you love most about it 

Creating programming that “makes a difference to people’s lives”

     3. What tasks does being the head of such a popular lifestyle channel involve 
Business development, programming strategy, budgeting, client relationships and              creating content

     4. What would you choose 

          killer heels or flat bellies

Usually wedges

          Indian textiles or western styles

Indian textiles

          Pants or skirts


     5. What do you like to do in your free time

Paragliding /yoga / and travelling

     6. How to do you de-stress

Meditation and yoga

     7. A piece of advice to all women

        “Invest time in yourself whether it is learning a new skill or spending time to               look good or de stressing or exercising” make sure you spend some time               everyday on yourself .

Tanushri Dhoot Biyani, Founder Ceriz 

Tanushri has made her own identity as a founder of the brand Ceriz. The brand has trendy shoes and bags at affordable prices. They sell on most e-commerce channels and plan to expand soon. Well we’re surely waiting for more!

1. Tell us a little about how you started your brand 
When we were first starting out, I identified market demand for footwear in which fashion effortlessly meets comfort, that sweet spot if you will. This was especially true when focusing at the right price point. So that is what we aimed to provide our customers with, “that perfect blend of affordable fashion and comfort for both shoes and bags.” 
2. Do you have a crazy shoe wardrobe?
Oh yes! Quite a crazy shoe closet… That’s one of the perks of running a shoe company, I guess.” Your own personal shoe shop if you will.
3. What are the 5 most essential shoes every woman should have?
In my opinion, the 5 most essential shoes for every woman should be a pair of comfortable gold high heels, an everyday pair of loafers or ballerinas, a trusty pair of thong sandals, one pretty black pump, and definitely one pair of crazy shoes that defines your personality!
4. How would you describe your personality in 3 words?
Wow, how to choose just 3? But if I must, I would say that I am Ambitious, Adventurous, Energetic, and Positive. Oops that four, I guess you can say that I am also a Rebel!
5. Shoes and handbags, any plans to diversify? or open retail channels?
Definitely, it’s always grow or die in the retail industry and so we are constantly looking for ways to grow. We have already expanded the number of styles that we carry in both categories and we are also looking at starting our own store, possibly as soon as this year.
6. A piece of advice to all women 
While each woman and her priorities are different, according to me the one thing that everyone is searching for is true happiness. And in my opinion, the key to true happiness is effectively managing your time between work, family and friends! After all family and friends are what keeps you sane, especially when work drives you crazy!

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