Colour Blocking Made Easy

By Ashita Bhandari

While having an all black closet can be hassle free, we can also agree, having colour makes everything more exciting and fresh! Not to forget more in trend. Most of us play safe with our whites, greys, taupes and beiges while deciding a look. Colour blocking can really make you stand apart. Not only is it awed upon by others, you can play with colours to give the illusion of a slimmer or a more voluptuous silhouette! Worry not, we have made colour blocking easy as ABC.


  1. The single colour step

You don’t have to start with trying out oranges and reds together. But what you can do is begin with monochromatic combinations. Pick a colour that highlights your skin tone and pair it with the same colour in lighter or darker hues. It makes you look slimmer and taller.


  1. Use complementary colours

Taking you guys back to school, two colours exactly opposite one another on the colour wheel are complementary. In other words, they complement each other giving a stark contrast. Some examples can be orange and blue, yellow and purple. (refer colour wheel above)

A simple way to remember the colour wheel? It’s just a rainbow turned circular!


  1. Now add another colour

The analogous combination refers to two or three colours right next to each other on the colour wheel. They are pretty safe to play with as they naturally blend into one another. Yellow, orange and red are a popular combination.


  1. Match with the triangle

Three colours equidistant from each other are triadic colours. They create a buzz around whenever worn together. They are typically three shades away from each other on the colour wheel. Try if you are bold enough to wear it!


  1. Double complementary

The tetradic can be slightly tricky to ace but if you did, congrats! You’re a colour block master! It is a combination of two complementary pairs. You can pair two colours with your outfit and two colours as accessories.



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