Swimwear Trends To Swear By This Summer

With the end of March marks the beginning of full-fledged summers. And with summers roll in the beachy waves (yes we mean the wavy hair and the gentle tides) sand and the swimsuit season! We have got you the top 10 swimwear trends to look out for this season. You can no longer do with those old swimsuits and bikinis. Get ready to go shop because after this you’ll surely want to grab onto a few pieces!

  1. Plunging necklines

A simple monokini with a deep v neck is just what you need for a casual swim by the bay. Because some trends are classics and never really change.

  1. High cut ride

The 1980s style is back with high cut swimsuits and the Baywatch vibe. Five years ago the idea of such was frowned upon but hey its 2018 now! Make your legs look longer with the high cut trend and its here to stay.

  1. Front slashes

Ribs and shapely cuts on the front, yes please! Transforming your swimsuit instantly from a plain costume to a sundowner-ready sexy!

3 centre cuts

  1. Crochet

Lyberthras, beach bunny and Frankies amp up the basic crochet bikini from 2016-17 and get us this delight. With a slight detailing, print and strings they are 2018 ready!

4 crochet

  1. Front ties

Our favourite trend from the season, front ties are so cool! We love the carefree air they give. You can also knot the front of your tee and wear it as beach wear.

5 front ties

  1. Tie ‘em strings

Another new trend will be found near the waves soon. Strings whether on the sides, front or as laces, they bring a fun, edgy vibe.

  1. Belts and suspenders

Who knew adding a harness and suspenders could make those suits look so good and vamped up at the same time.

7 belts and harness

  1. One shoulder

Kaohs, Mint Swim, Luli Fama, Frankies Bikinis and so many more had those playful and feminine one shoulder tops. We will surely see more of it, this year and the next.

  1. Tropical prints

How can flowers and tropical prints not be a part of spring?

  1. Sleeved

Here’s another trend we love that’s here to stay. Full sleeves, cold shoulders and a little bit of ruffle.

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Story By: Ashita Bhandari


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