Lil Miquela, The future Of Blogging?

Blogging is a vast concept. Although it has various specific and non-specific meanings, it cannot be defined in a fixed way. Blogs initially started as political platforms to discuss views by commenting and talking in threads, however in the present day it has taken several unconventional forms on newer and older platforms. Digital content, high quality images, vlogs are more popular than ever in today’s date.


Anything that creates a buzz, is mysterious, controversial, scandalous or simply newer and more different takes no time shooting up in views. An apt example would be instagrammer Lil Miquela, a part Spanish part Brazilian blogger who blurs the line between reality and blogging on social media. Which makes us re-think and question what blogging actually is?

Miquela is said to be a computer-generated teenager. Her instagram handle has generated conversations on feminism, black lives matter and other heated topics. She features brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Diesel, Vetements and Vans and likes to be called a musician; having released songs that really picked up. Isn’t that what blogging is, sharing your life and ideas even if they are done through a virtual simulation? Miquela has about 889k followers since she started in 2016.

A model having uncanny resemblance to Lil Miquela. Emily Bador denied having anything to do with the computerised blogger apart from seeming alike.

Her followers, also known as Miquelites, look up to her for style inspirations and the hip destinations she visits to party and attend fancy art galleries. The creator has undoubtedly done a remarkable job in crafting her personality, which for a long time was thought to be real person with outlandish theories and assumptions. In the coming years, she is sure to set a trend by becoming the world’s first computer generated fashion influencer, bringing a revolution to blogging yet again. For those who think blogging will die, think again.


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