What to expect at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive?

It’s that time of the year again when the runway comes alive, and brings to you the latest in fashion at the Lakme Fashion Week. There is something about this weeklong fest that is so undeniably hypnotic—the lights seem brighter, music sounds better and you certainly feel fancier.

This Autumn-Winter edition host elements like edgy silhouettes, asymmetry, heaps of textures and bold prints. Stay tuned to know what the designers are showcasing this season.

Millennial Maharanis by Nachiket Barve is inspired by the globetrotting Indian royalty of the 20s and 30s. This concept of marrying traditional and modern milieu necessitates rich, premium, yet lightweight and fluid outfits. This collection promises to be a wedding guide to the bride and her entourage for that perfect shaadi ensembles.

Millennial Maharanis by Nachiket Barve

This season SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi creates a tousled medley of fluidity and a glittering blend of motifs that are perfectly juxtaposed with a strong element of structure. Expect a variety of suave drapes and structured pleats that are translated onto statement jackets, lehengas and organza shirts.

SVA by Sonam and Paras Modi

Amrich by Amit and Richard conveys an intense and confident mood, an ode to wanderers, settlers, traditions, culture, habits, feelings and emotions. The construction of this collection revolves around patterns, textures and forms. The easygoing cuts and quirky prints used in this collection are definitely the next big thing!

Amrich by Amit and Richard

The all new menswear collection by Amit Aggarwal effortlessly marries culture with modernity, as it restores vintage phulkari, the traditional Indian metallic embroidery technique. The designer prepares to put forth a collection that uses new-age materials, new forms and patterns with incredible craftsmanship.

Amit Aggarwal


Antar Agni by Ujjwal Dubey leads us to the sweet spot of rebellion versus tradition. This new line is inspired by human emotions that tend to make us break away and still keep us rooted. It is a presentation of the stylized idea of festive and everyday wear, with an exciting mix of subtle prints and deconstructed metallic embroideries.

Antar Agni by Ujjwal Dubey

Saaksha & Kinni aim to see their silhouettes come alive this season that take on bold colours, playful prints, original embroideries, and, mostly, a lot of fun. The classic bandhani, patola and ikat prints are to look forward to. But like with everything else, they do this their way—showcasing them through their lens of signature digital prints.

And to wrap up all the LFW fun, is the Saaksha & Kinni screening with Johnnie Ginger.

So, which one are you looking forward to this LFW 2018?

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Story by: Adelle Rodrigues | Edited by: Esther Cabral | Graphics: Vritti Shah