Juhu – The Hub of Versatility!

Away from the city, closer to the suburbs lies a cocoon which has almost everything we love—from couture and lavish spas to fine dining, Juhu definitely makes us feel fancy.


Do you regard yourself as a party animal? Do you think you’re addicted to the nightlife, and are cocktails your weekly dose of meds? Well, we’ve found a new hideout for you!


Tsuki is not meant for the faint-hearted and early risers. It is located at Hotel Sea Princess and hosts an array of experiences from trippy lights, to high spirited cocktails and not to forget, endless dancing. If you’re somebody who refuses to sit at a party, you’ve found your new hideout. The energizing music, delectable F&B and hypnotic lights ensure that you party till wee hours.

A special mention to the mixologist, who concocts unusual cocktails with ingredients such as roasted almonds and chilies; thus, challenging your taste-buds. The ‘bar fly’ is a gin-based cocktail and definitely a must for those who like to be a little experimental. Another favourite is the ‘liquid cocaine’ (Nah! no drugs involved) which makes you feel like a gangster, besides it’s just too pretty to look at as it has sparkling wine as the main ingredient. In food, we highly recommend the ‘Sichuan chicken dumplings’ and ‘smoked chicken & truffle flat bread’.


For all the Goan souls who live in the city but whose heart lies in the village have finally found their solace in House of Lloyd. It brings to you authentic recipes that are unexceptionally delicious, the amusing names given to the dishes referring to your relatives gives it a refreshing punch and takes you down memory lane.

House of Lloyd

If you’re looking at a perfect meat treat, then the ‘Grandma Ermina’s beef roulade’ stuffed with goan sausages and the ‘chicken xacuti’ are your gunpoint wishes, they’re served in a mud pot on a candle lit flame. They also serve authentic ‘pois’ with just the right amount of husk on it (A poi in Mumbai! Life couldn’t get better). It almost takes us back to our balcony in Goa sipping on some feni and feasting on the meats.

FMW warning: If you leave without trying the ‘Badkar caldeen’ (best eaten with steam rice) you’ve disappointed all your relatives. The right colour, texture and consistency will blow your mind and the freshness of the prawns is almost hard to believe.


Cheesecake is love, but have you ever thought about cheesecake on a stick? This new café called Bitty Batter brings in quirk and fun on a platter, their menu houses an extensive range of cheesecakes, which look inevitably delicious. You could craft your own by choosing dips and toppings of your choice. What more? Bourbon and red velvet crumbles are a part of this menu and our mouth can’t stop watering (Yes! We said red velvet).

Café Bitty Batter

If you’re a hardcore pav bhaji fan, this place brings in a twist and makes a pasta out of it, here at FMW we love to say, “When India met Italy they surely did blend”. It’s pocket friendly and perfect if you want to chill out with a banana nutella smoothie, some friends and have a guilt ridden kinda evening.

A FMW Production

Story by: Adelle Rodrigues | Edited by: Esther Cabral | Graphics by: Vritti Gala