New York Fashion Week: Day 1 Runway Review

Day one of the New York Fashion Week was in full swing. Stylish celebrities sitting in front of the busiest runway shows. They parted it up at the swankiest bashes. Showing off their stylish clothing, it was just an awesome start of the big day. Day one was extremely dominated by the rising class of designers. The mass and sudden migration of young designers to Paris and also the decision to swap the rising pressures of the runway could be seen.

DAMO WANG surprised many when they dominated the runway for the first time since the fashion brand was established. They proved why they have emerged as one of the best competitors among multiple independent designers brands. DAMO WANG adheres to neoclassical design concepts.

They combined retro-romantic elements with the actual needs of modern people. In the process, they created a new and individual aesthetics. With a belief that the main mission of fashion is to have a strong relationship with our environment, they went ahead and broke the limited value standard of traditional designer brands. To many people, this created a label for identities of modern women.

I LOVE PRETTY, a designer based in Hong Kong, exuded the spirit of the brand, femininity, passion and romance. On the morning hours, their label grabbed the attention of the fashion world. Its admirable designs encouraged women to be strong, fearless and independent. Their symbol was very clear; empowering women to dress the way they want. Before they finished their presentation, they showed how they were determined to come up with porter collections that would later turn to be romantic and fabulous.

THE BRONX AND BANCO were quite synonymous with the cutting edge style and also the slick tailoring. They boasted of encapsulated chic and sexy design signature that has been adored by numerous celebrities and socialites for a long time. From the real world to the runway, they reflected the impeccable style of their creative founder. From far, you could notice their strong love of things sartorial within the fashion world. Having been inspired by exotic locations, cosmopolitan adventures and special characters, all their collections were full of feminine and flattering silhouettes

CARLOS CAMPOS had a great chance to show the world how his father inspired him to become an established fashion designer. His American dream of participating in NYFW came true when he took over the runway. His classic American style made him earn respect and accolades on the first day of the New York Fashion Week.

SIENNA LI had truly unexpected beauty and tasteful stylishness with a light sense of mystery. Distilling classic romance into the modern sensibility, he created a custom made couture. His creative design can even make ladies join graceful adventures in the larger fashion aesthetics world. From many fashion enthusiasts, his designs have been influenced by various cultures and art education. By the end of the day, he was the only participant who had a romantic, sophisticated and creative perspective of art and fashion.  


Day one brought together several runway shows by well-known designers. It was all about innovation, discovery and originality.    

Story by: Kenedy Githinji