Day 3 at New York Fashion Week was all about inclusivity, diversity and authenticity. Fashioners were straddling between the festival and the runway show.

TANYA TAYLOR returned to the runway with a bang this season. The brand has never been one to go quietly into the night, and this season’s collection was no exception. On this particular day, the women wear were defined by extreme femininity and eternal optimism. They brought modern feminine shapes to life with excellent use of color and original prints. Each painting was hand-done. The collection was deemed to promote a lighthearted attitude for women who celebrate the art of dressing. They managed to show people why their stylish collections have been worn by well-known celebrities such as Beyoncé and Michelle Obama.

STAUD was committed to showing accessible yet innovative pieces of contemporary woman. The brand’s collection had been created for those who prefer beautiful accessibly priced clothes and ready to wear collections. In fact, they had a no-nonsense high style. They focused more on modern classics, refined pieces that arguably reflect an eye towards the future. They took pride in their clean feminine lines made from the finest materials. In addition, their design was sophisticated, attainable clothing and accessories that had sacrificed quality and creativity.
From a serious look, each piece was meant to elevate and enhance everything with a pair of sneakers. That is the reason why they managed to have simple, unique and uncomplicated products.

LAQUAN SMITH was very lucky to take control of the runway for quite some time. His stunning look was as a result of passion and skills. It could be noted from far that indeed he had taken lots of time to cultivate the craft. The capsule collections included strong and separate accessories. Many people were excited by his distinctive work. It sparkled among fashion icons. There is no doubt that in the future the brand will be gaining acclaim for its endless archives and details that have for long been imitated by famous design houses.

SIES MARJAN had a great time to show the already impatient people his merging classic American sportswear. It is good to know that it is not the first time his elements have gained global altitude. He had a timeless classics with extreme sensibility and a uniquely feminine aesthetics. If you were lucky to watch him on the runway, you can agree with me that he was very dedicated to making clothes that were beautifully crafted from the inside out. He might have achieved great things in the past as a fashion designer, but he will achieve more of his inspirations in future.

GLEMAUD, the collection of knitwear that has been designed for all genders, races and personalities was neither left behind on the evening hours of date 8. He did not do much as expected, but he slashed sweaters and curve-hugging dresses that have been worn by celebrities and influencers from all over the world.

CONCLUSION: If you are a buyer, press or even the general public, for sure the international fashion collections displayed on this day will be unforgettable.

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