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Do you love staying current on everything fashion? So, India’s top fashion magazine covers have a lot to tell. Especially, where the tide is heading in lifestyle, trends, beauty and fashion. Let’s have a look at our three most recommended Indian fashion magazine covers for March 2020 to take your lifestyle, fashion, and beauty knowledge a notch higher.

Winnie Harlow on the Fashion Magazine cover of Vogue India

Fashion Magazine Covers 2020 Winnie Harlow leads the new wave of influence

Winnie Harlow graces the windows of the March 2020 cover star issue. We love how she steals the glare of publicity with her modeling prowess by poising in multiple snaps. But it’s just amazing how she showcases her modeling skills in a stunning vitiligo skin. This impressive issue cover photo was captured by Billy Kidd, the New York-based photographer and styled by Priyanka Badani, Vogue India’s fashion director. We see Winnie bursts in creative energy, uncluttered layouts and fashionable fonts.

Fashion Magazine Covers 2020 Winnie Harlow leads the new wave of influence

The cover issue stands out with impressive visuals and unique crisp writing. Winnie is simply a trailblazer who uses the art of vitiligo skin to bravery inspire and characterize those with vitiligo skin. It’s her first appearance on the Vogue India cover. She is the first ever model with vitiligo to grace the Vogue India cover. We love how the gypsy blues and summer hues on the cover highlights her simplicity and trendy looks.

Deepika Padukone on the Fashion Magazine cover of Elle India

Fashion Magazine Covers | Deepika Padukone for the cover Elle India

Elle India’s March 2020 edition presents Deepika Padukone as the iconic cover girl. It’s one of the best cover issue I have seen for a long time. Deepika is one of the most talented and meticulous actress, loved and cherished by her followers for her character and discipline. In the first photo of the magazine cover issue, Deepika appears in a spectacular multi-colored silk crepe dress highlighted by black mesh slits on both sides, which makes her look erotic.

Deepika Padukone in the cover of Elle

In the second picture, Deepika is seen in powder red and pink floral printed silk dress, adorned with gold earrings, which signifies the vintage vibe in a lustrous style.

Deepika Padukone looking hot in the cover of ELLE

The captivating mustard brown and white bodysuit highlighted by fake backed bronzer maquillage and diva makes her super overstriking.

Kareena Kapoor on the Fashion Magazine cover of Harper’s Bazaar India

Fashion Magazine Covers 2020 Kareena Kapoor for the cover of Bazaar India

Kareena Kapoor Khan poises the Harper’s Bazaar India’s March issue in a super radiant charm. In her personified glare highlighted by jewels from Malabar diamonds and gold. So, you will surely be wooed by her oodles and tinted pink lips alongside the side-parted chic bun. In one of the shots, she looks super elegant as she dresses in ensembles from Tod’s. Also in other shots where she is dressed in signature nude glam and pleated skirt, she surely graces the cover issue in the sexiest look ever. Every fashionable lady will be left with a wide open mouth once they have a view of the elegant floral skirt alongside the bossy touch and crisp white skirt, which gives her a super accentuated and minimalist look.


Keep yourself updated on the latest and hottest news and trends about lifestyle and fashion. By subscribing to any of the Indian magazine covers we reviewed above. So each of these magazines has its target audience. Hence you don’t expect to get the same quality and type of updates from all the magazines. Understand your lifestyle and fashion likings. To make is easier before you decide to subscribe to any of the magazines outlined above.

By: Jeremy Cabral

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