Funny memes on COVID that make us ROFL

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Funny Memes on COVID! Ah, memes. As engagement on social media has grown due to the all India lock down its created room for more and more witty heads. They’ve come up with these refreshing pieces of creative humour on COVID-19 pandemic that make us ROFL.

After screening through almost a thousands of memes we bring you these 5 memes that deserves a spot in our list of top 5 memes.

This funny COVID Tinder meme:

Will you swipe right or left? Let us know in the comments below. We just couldn’t stop laughing.

Funny Memes on COVID

Britney Spears Funny COVID Meme

Oops, she did it again. But this time for the right reasons. I’m sure even Britney must have seen this one and said to herself, “Damn how the f*#k did I get it right this time.”

Funny Memes on COVID Britney Spears

The WFH Funny COVID Meme

The concept of WFH was so talked about from the second week of March that we decided to do an entire story on tips to work from home. This meme however spells the challenge we’ve all faced while working from home. 😀

Funny Memes on COVID with Nawazuddin Siddiqui

The Quarantine Funny COVID Meme:

So we ran a poll on our social media platforms to check how relatable this meme will be to our Indian audience. We got surprised to see the response. Thus, we know a lot of you can relate to this meme.

Funny Memes on COVID family life

The Chetan Bhagat Funny COVID Meme

We give zero marks for creativity because every word uttered from Chetan Bhagat’s mouth can become a hilarious meme by his audience itself. This was not exactly a meme but a direct screen shot we took from Chetan Bhagat’s twitter account. 😛

While we are all geared in our fight against #Covid19 let’s not forget that laughter is the best medicine and today being #AprilFoolsDay we decided to tickle your funny bone a little with these funny memes on COVID.

Be safe and do not step out of your homes.

Story by: Jeremy Cabral

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