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Fashion Most Wanted (FMW) is a fashion & lifestyle webzine, that scouts, explores and zooms in on all essential aspects of this domain. A platform created to capture the ever changing nature of the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry.
India has matured into a grooming ground for the latest and most daring fashion trends. It is evolving as a prominent fashion destination making determined strides with contemporary fashion. This, not many years ago, was dictated by the fashion capitals of the west such as New York, London, Milan and Paris.
FMW is keen to catch up with these fashion drifts, trends in the beauty industry, culinary aspects and travel options that define us as individuals. Whether you nurture a casual interest or have a passion for fashion and lifestyle, FMW envisages the mysterious world of fashion by being your definitive friend, philosopher and guide on this exciting journey.

Mont Blanc at Taj

Formerly associated with the global brand IMG Fashion, Jeremy Cabral ventured into the world of fashion blogging for one purpose: share simple and easy-to-follow style guides for the modern Indian man and woman devoid of jargon and technical details. This mantra has earned a dedicated very niche follower base across all social media platforms. Today his brand page fashionmostwnated.com has worked with some of the most premium brands in the country. He is one of the only Indian male fashion blogger to take up blogging as a career. His style is classic and comfortable.











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