Kyra: The First Virtual Influencer from India

As one of the 467 million Indians using social media, Kyra definitely stands out from the crowd. She is India’s first AI-powered cyber influencer. Kyra is a Meta influencer with over 195k followers. Meta influencers are photorealistic cyber influencers with an uncanny resemblance to humans. They only truly ‘exist’ in the Metaverse. She is the…

Covid-19: Funny memes that make us ROFL

While we are all geared in our fight against #Covid19 let’s not forget that laughter is the best medicine and today being #AprilFoolDay we decided to tickle your bone a little.

Who Aced The Fashion Magazine Cover for March 2020?

Have a look at our three most recommended Indian fashion magazine covers for March 2020 to take your lifestyle, fashion, and beauty knowledge a notch higher. Vogue India, Elle India, Harpers Bazaar cover March 2020


There is no doubt that you can find color wherever you go. But there are several places that will arguably leave you with unforgettable memories. Are you looking to douse yourself with the vibrancy of the world kaleidoscope? We have compiled the top suggestions for you.

The Saree: Six Yards of Excellence

Ever thought of doing a cartwheel when draped in a saree! Or Workout or run or even belly-dance in a six yards fabric. The concept of doing so sounds so kinky and Quirky. Now Kalaneca makes this possible, while this humble unstitched fabric has come a long way and has seen umpteen transformations in styles of drape and going beyond a fabric meant only for the female gender, it still comes with questions of comfort to many. As the name suggests Kala- Art, Neca-Nikaah, Handloom saree brand Kalaneca founded by Lata Rao and daughters Ramya Rao and Kavea R Chavali always believes that a saree never tells you to fit in . It takes the shape of the personality you carry. caught up with the ladies behind the brand to dig deeper into their vision of wearing the six-yards fabric of excellence.

Most Wanted Qualities To Be A Successful Fashion Blogger and Social Media Influencer

A fashion blogger has to be independent and confident, possessing the potential to carry out every task at it’s best. While in the process risk taking is a part of the game. Risk-taking itself plays a very important role in making your reach your ultimate goal. I don’t intend to scare you but over the past twelve years of blogging I have learned one thing, that this career is not meant for the faint-hearted. I have seen people playing it safe and never managing to reach anywhere leaving them disappointed and discouraged. No back-up career option would make you do justice to your craft because having a back-up means you are still within your comfort zone. Once you have ventured to carve your path in the digital world success is your only vision and you need to keep your focus only on this one goal.

New York Fashion Week Day 3

Day 3 at New York Fashion Week was all about inclusivity, diversity and authenticity. Fashioners were straddling between the festival and the runway show.

New York Fashion Week Day 2

Day two of the New York Fashion Week gave fashion designers a rare chance to take notes, critique trends and also find models who showed off their awesome styles. The hottest designers previewed their upcoming collections for fashion buyers, celebrities and also journalists. It was all about inspired jackets, menswear-inspired suits, various head wraps and thigh-high slits and boots.