No Shave November: The A to Z Guide 2022

In just a few years the No Shave November campaign has grown into a global movement. Millions of people hop on the wagon every year to support a worthy cause. It was started by the Hill family after losing their father to colon cancer in 2007. They started this non-profit organisation to raise awareness for…

Boost your testosterones naturally

Boost your testosterones naturally by adding these foods in your diet. First, lets understand more about this hormone. Men and women produce two types of sex hormones which are responsible for their sexual development and functions. The male hormone is known as Testosterone and the female hormone is called Estrogen. Though these hormones are identified…

Choose the right underwear type for men

We all have a tendency of overlooking certain parts of our wardrobe, but if you are looking to elevate your fashion game, you should pay attention to innerwear for men. With the volume of clothing, we need to wear, men often neglect underwear, it may be time to rethink your undergarments. It’s time to start…

Best budget perfumes for men

There are many perfumes for men available in the market, but it’s difficult to find one that not only impresses but also fits within our budget. But what are the best budget perfumes for men in India? This list should help! Introducing three of the most classic fragrances for Indian men that are sure to…

Did You Know? High Heels Shoes were first worn by Men

The high heel origin has been traced back to the horse-men of ninth-century Persia whose high stacked heels helped hold their feet in the stirrups. The idea eventually caught on in Europe in boots for men on horses. So, actually men started wearing high heels before women did.

The 5 Secrets of Menswear Fashion

The growing awareness about men’s fashion and style due to the outburst of social media has made it very important for us men to re-evaluate our passion for dressing-up and take corrective steps by not being left behind it this competitive race. That’s where Fashion Most Wanted comes to your rescue with this simple and effective men style secrets that will help in drive closer to perfection before you literally drive to work every morning.

Who Aced The Fashion Magazine Cover for March 2020?

Have a look at our three most recommended Indian fashion magazine covers for March 2020 to take your lifestyle, fashion, and beauty knowledge a notch higher. Vogue India, Elle India, Harpers Bazaar cover March 2020