How About a Little Shopping with your BFF?

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Imagine this: A warm afternoon, with the weekend soon approaching, a boring day at work and an eventful weekend lined up. And then you ask “What do I wear?”

So you browse through online portals and get disappointed with No SAME day delivery’. You rush to your nearest retailer, and despite spending all of your lunch time there, you still do not seem to find THE Dress’.

But what if we told you things could be different? What if we told you there’s a BFF you didn’t know about, carefully curating a bunch of fashion stores to match your mood?

If that would change it all for you , then the uber talented Ishita Khanna is the one you are looking for. Known for her magic with the make-up brush, Ishita has ventured into curating fashion pop up shops that feature a collection presented by a select list of designers, jewelry stores et al. After 12 successful pop up stints with over 150 participants at Rude Lounge, Ishita gears up to explore a brand new venue with her BFF’s through her baby the BFF Outing’.

BFF Outing
BFF Outing

What better place for the ladies than The Barking Deer Brewery. Freshly brewed beer goes well with bag shopping and manicure, don’t you think?

So what’s in store?

  1. Old Lace Closet: Think pop colors, bold print, eccentric designs and a combination of all three is what The Old Closet adds to your otherwise regular’ wardrobe.
  1. Rimayu: If you’re among those who let their jewelry do the talking, then you’ve definitely met or experienced Rimayu’ before. From intricate kundan work earring to zari laced clutches, Rimayu has it all on offer
  1. Harsha Lala Asrani: What is a girls day out without a little digging into what the future has? Trust the amazing Harsha to give you a freakily honest response to all your questions ““ modest or naughty!

Seems like the way you’d like to spend your Friday? Take your girlies along. This BFF Outing is sure to get wild.

By: Giselle Mendes

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