Thrilling Shows To Release On Amazon Prime India In March 2020


Story by: Jeremy Cabral

Looking for something spooky or just thrilling to keep you locked on your TV screen but not sure where to start? Amazon Prime has got a library of noteworthy drama and horror movies and TV titles to grace your screens this March.  Yearning to have a taste of what our Amazon Prime has got for us, stay tuned to know some TV tittles and thrilling movies you can never afford to miss. 

The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team

The Test on Amazon Prime

The Test is the most awaited docuseries of 2020, providing insights into fallouts and shame of the Australian Men’s cricket team. It is expected to give unprecedented insights into what happened behind the scenes of the 2018 incident when the Australian Men’s Cricket team tried tampering with the cricket ball. It also gives details of how the new Coach Justin Langer helped the team to rebuild and regroup, enabling them to win the 2019 ashes URN on English soil for the first time. The docuseries will premiere on Amazon Prime on the 11th of March.

Jessy and Nessy (season 1)

Get your kids engaged this summer with the season 1 of the new preschool series known as Jessy and Nessy. This amazing kid’s series uses the character of Jessy to emphasize the importance of glasses to kids. Keep your kids locked on their screens on the 13th of March when the first episode will premiere on Amazon Prime. In this creative live-action preschool-targeted series which explores the world of animated puppets and characters through Jessy and her sea-monster friend Nessy, Jessy will be using magical glasses to explore a world of animations and mixed media.

Blow the Man Down

Blow the Man Down

Blow the Man Down is a new original spooky movie also expected to grace our screens this month. It revolves around creativity, law and the underworld dark secrets. The movie tells the story of two sisters Mary Beth & Priscilla Connolly in the settings of a salty fishing village found around the edges of Maine’s rocky coast.  While stilling moaning the death of their mother and struggling with unending loans and bills, the two sisters get into contact with a dangerous man and accidentally kills him.  Knowing the gravity of their crime, the two have to use the town’s Matriarchs’ darkest secrets to conceal the crime. The movie will be streaming in HDR and UHD on March 20 and has Pet Sematary and Stephen King adaptation as the main casts.

Making the Cut hosted by Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum

Are you are die-hard design and fashion enthusiasts who will never want to miss a reality show that uncovers the secrets and mysteries of modern fashion and design? Making the Cut is a masterpiece that no design enthusiast will ever want to miss. Catch the winning design looks on the 27th on Amazon Prime. The hosts Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn just reunited to create an award-winning international fashion brand that will see 12 designers competing in Tokyo, New York, and Paris.  The designers will have only one chance to make the cut, with the winner taking home 1$ million.


Pushpavalli on Amazon Prime

Pushpavalli is a dramatic web TV comedy-drama series created by Sumukhi Suresh, which revolves around love, betrayal, and exploitation. It tells the story of Pushpavalli, a beautiful lady trying to show her love for Nikhil Rao, an attractive man she bumped into at an organic food convention. Controlled by love and emotions for Nikhil, Pushpavalli trails him to his home in Bangalore and through Pankaj, her friends secures a job in Pankaj’s children’s library. She then hires a teaboy to trail Nikhil and get to know all about him. From there, Pushpavalli tries to reach out to Nikhil but he discovers and confronts her. The drama ends with Pushpavalli using the visuals got from the CCTV camera the teaboy has installed in Nikhil’s house. This comedy-drama web TV series is expected to be premiered on the 13th of March 2020 on Amazon Prime.

Charlie’s Angels

The absolutely fun and creative action comedy film of 2019, Charlie’s Angels is just about to be premiered on Amazon Prime Video. This well-directed, thought-provoking, and fun American comedy action film is about adventurous, smart and young women and packs real sexiness and glamour of the best world action-comedy films. It’s the hallmark of intelligence, strong-will, and skill and takes the women to their commonsensical modern level by introducing the Townsand Agency as a global organization highlighted by lots of handlers and agents. It will be premiered in 4K UHD, allowing for the highest quality pictures ever.

Want to enjoy a mixture of laughter, fun, and adventure bundled in creativity, intelligence and technology? Amazon Prime Video has got everything ready packed for you this summer. We’ve outlined the most thrilling web TV tittles and thrilling movies that will be premiered in March 2020 on Amazon Prime Video so get sit and relax to have a taste.

Watch out for these thrilling movies and TV tittles set for March 2020 release and keep yourself rocked throughout the entire month.

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