Sneakers making a huge run from the runway to the streets

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When we think of comfortable footwear, it’s no doubt that a pair of sneakers are the only pair that comes straight into our minds after flip flops (and probably a pair of pumps). While yesterday, we would presume owning a pair of sneakers meant that women are heading to the gym or on their way for a morning run or maybe on a hike to go trekking. But it’s no longer a shoe meant for adventure, it’s a shoe ready to sport a high dose of ethereal style.

Sneakers that are making a huge run from the catwalk to the streets
Sneakers that are making a huge run from the catwalk to the streets
Designers have given an interesting punch to sport luxury by re-inventing a pair of your everydaysport shoes. All sorts of iridescent fabrics, flowers, prints, lace, sequins, zips have all been tossed together to create a sought after masterpiece. They have gone completely avant garde with everything exotic and engrossed in elements that are feminine. Everyone from Christian Louboutins python snakeskin to Giuseppe Zanotti’s suede and leather sneakers to Mary Kratanzou’s digitally printed sneakers are making waves.

If the you think the designers are too high end, watch out for giant sport brands such as Adidas, Puma and Nike who have collaborated with various artists to make creations that will create an earge to own. Indian designer Aneeth Arora recently also caught everyone’s attention  at fashion week with her floral escapade in hand embroidered Nike shoes. What a great excuse for the women who regard themselves as tomboyish to have a little feminine flare!

By: Fleur De Mello
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