Stary Night

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By: Roshni Raj

It was a gala night of mesmerizing beauty that celebrated the masterpieces of 100 years in Indian Cinema. We watched in awe as the stunners of the night took to the red carpet in flattering designer wear. We couldn’t resist sharing our picks of the hottest men and women of the evening with you.

The bow ties, tuxedos, polished shoes and smoking looks… we’re feeling the temperature rise just thinking about those dapper hunks. A heartthrob, middle class and overwhelmingly charming character that he debuted as, Arjun Kapoor managed to live up to his image and standard. Though almost everybody marched in with their classiest forms of black tuxedos and suits and ties, this one stood out with the most adorable charisma to carry off that bow tie. With close cut competition from Ayushman Khurana, we’re battling over on whom to bestow the title of fall head over heels for’. Help?

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Arjun Kapoor

Bright lips, exaggerated eye make-up, interspersed flashes of leg and perfectly styled hair, the divas swept us off our feet as well. While the sexiest ladies of Bollywood, known for their ever stylish gowns and beautiful faces did turn heads, we were baffled by someone not so familiar in our industry making the hot list as well. Shruti Hassan dawned a black and metal look and instantly made it to one of the best in our list. What do you think?

Shruti Hassan
Shruti Hassan

How could we not give it to them? And dare ask us to choose. We know there are a million hearts waiting to be broken if we ever have to choose between the two. Charming with every word uttered, aging splendidly and stealing hearts with every appearance, Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan blew our minds away with their delightful hosting skills.

Saif & Shah Rukh at Filmfare Awards
Saif & Shah Rukh at Filmfare Awards

Heart shaped eyes yes?

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