The Community of Love and Life

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A Pullman Artnight, the second in the series of signature events produced locally by Pullman Gurgaon Central Park hosted,  an evening of compassion in association with designer Sanjana Jon and Anukant Dubey. The evening aimed at spreading awareness about tribal girl child empowerment and invite support for the Community of Love and Life.

The evening also witnessed a showing of designer Sanjana Jon’s summer couture collection. Those spotted at the event promoting and supporting the cause were entrepreneur Ramola Bachchan, singers Shibani Kashyap,Shankar Sahni, Designers Mayyur Girotra , Rimple Narula Fauzdar, actor Naseer Abdullah, Pooja Gogia, Seema Puri , Sona Goel , Poonam Sharma to name a few…

Anukant Dubey and Sanjana Jon
Anukant Dubey and Sanjana Jon
Mayyur Girotra and Rimple Narula
Mayyur Girotra and Rimple Narula
Ramola Bhachan and Seema Puri
Ramola Bhachan and Seema Puri

Jagan Lacsher, General Manager – Pullman Gurgaon Central Park, said, “As part of our Pullman sustain programme we are always looking to support worthy causes and admire the passion that Sanjana Jon & Anukant Dubey bring to this very important & noble cause so we decided to support, The artnight brings together people who are passionate about returning to the community. This association is predominantly to garner support for the girl child. It is to build a better tomorrow, through the generations of today.”

Shibani Kashyup
Shibani Kashyup
Sanjana Jon said ” I always look forward to supporting causes related to the community. It is us who have to work together to make the community a better and a more harmonious place to exist. The Community of love and light looks at spreading various messages across , educating and inviting people for their support. Empowering the girl child and fight for female feticide is the need of the hour.”
By: Team FMW
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