Top Three RomCom’s

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Keep Calm And Pretend its not Monday!

Its Monday and you dragged yourself to work, almost hating your life. You must be sitting in your office chair, browsing internet while the boss isn’t looking. Why not cheer up your Mondays with the best romantic comedies of celluloid?

We pick our top 3 rom coms:

1) Definitely, maybe

Definitely, Maybe
Definitely, Maybe

This one’s a personal favourite! Ryan Reynolds- explicit thoughts censored for family viewing! Now he is reason enough to rush home, isn’t he? Directed by Adam Brooks, it is a 2008 rom com. Will Hayes (Ryan Reynolds) is a divorced guy, father of a 10 year old. After his daughter’s first sex-ed session at school, he finds himself in a difficult spot as she demands to know the story of her mom. He tells her the story of 3 women he loved over long spans of flashbacks, changing the names though. He leaves her guessing who is her mother out of the three till the very end. A great story, something one can relate to. Who knows, you may have to tell your kids how I met your father. FYI, thats where the famous TV series How I met your mother comes from.

2) Annie Hall

Annie Hall
Annie Hall

If you are in a mood for classic, this one’s for you! It is a 1977 American comedy directed by Woody Allen. An oscar winning movie, it is about this neurotic New York comedian trying to understand why his relationship with Annie failed. Although it was released even before some of us were born, it still feels like watching a couple from a distance in today’s time. It is like your old favourite song- it can never fail to touch your heart, you will never forget its melody. This movie is not only bitter-sweetly romantic but also rolling-on-the-floor funny. You will definitely have a good time with this one. Cuddle with your beloved on the couch and have a good laugh together!

3) The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer
The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer is a movie about a New Jersey singer (Adam Sandler) who is dumped by his girlfriend at the altar. He is a loser- the worst singer ever. And then comes along the girl of his dreams (Drew Barrymore) who is about to get married to another guy. Will he lose again? It is silly, sappy and utterly sweet. It is a perfect amalgamation of dreamy romance and 80’s humor. If you are looking for a light hearted movie to make you forget the burdening, lingering thoughts of Monday blues, indulge in this movie. Go ahead and invite your besties over-laughter is best when shared!

By: Akanksha Narang

Do tell us about your favourite rom coms. We need them too! xx

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