Unveling of Varija Bajaj’s Store

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Nothing strikes the cohesive cord with Indian folks, as the bridal wear does, which is also the reason, why the players in the game of Indian bridal wear are many. But for the ones who take it seriously, its no cakewalk to stand out. Fortunately for us, there are also the ones, who dare to go for the long haul and experiment with something different and one of those would be designer Varija Bajaj.

Neelam Rudy & Varija Bajaj at the unvieling of Varija Design Studio
Neelam Rudy & Varija Bajaj at the unvieling of Varija Design Studio

A fashion enthusiast and pleasantly vivacious, Varija Bajaj, celebrated the launch of her store, at Defence colony in New Delhi, last evening. Full of beautiful mirrors, and soothing colors, the store itself is picture of Varija’s aesthetic sense. Her line of ethnic and bridal wear is praise worthy too. We specially loved the Neon lehenga in peach, while the chudidaars in various pastels and neons were drool worthy! Talking about her inspiration for the collection Varija said I wanted to experiment with something different, which is why even the bridal lehengas are in pastels and neons instead of the traditional red and golden.’

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By : Isha Gupta

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