What is Unique about #HappyShoppersMarket ?

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A fashion and food gala, the #HappyShoppersMarket hosted by Glitterati Co duo Shalini and Nisha, is barely a day away and yet we can’t wait. With a total of 25 brands participating in the event, the marketplace will be if anything, a shopaholic’s dream. From chic clothing to the trendiest fashion accessories to personal care and home decor, this is the time to splurge. The smell of new leather, the sheen on a metallic statement neckpiece, it is difficult to not go when all this comes under one roof.

Happy Shoppers Market
Happy Shoppers Market

In a conversation with FMW, the exhibition experts, Shalini and Nisha shared what makes this a unique shopping extravaganza, “Happy Shoppers Market is a fun filled event, which will spread joy and happiness through shopping. We have handpicked designers and food specialist who will exhibit interesting and innovative collections which is not easily available in the retail space. Happy Shoppers Market will not only give Happy Experience to its Shoppers but also provide an interesting breakthrough to the designer participants, hence making it a Happy place for everyone.”

Shalini adds, “Glitterati Co has curated fashion events and pop up markets in the past but it’s only now that food will be making its debut at the event. After all, like fashion, good food is cherished by all means.”

Sitara, from Starry Arts Designs have participated in many of Glitterati Co’s fashion exhibits. She believes the evolution of pop up markets is a boon to fashion industry, “I have done quite many exhibitions but the experience with Nisha and Shalini has always been a unique one. The best thing is they really advertise and publicise the exhibition as well as the participating designers extremely well. The exposure and turnout is awe-inspiring. They make shopping not just an activity but an indulgent, pampering experience both for the designers and shoppers.”

On being asked if these help in generating sales, she adds, “Ofcourse they do! People come and see your products, your designs. I have had many people contact me after the exhibition for products they saw that time.”

Come and experience the one of it’s kind shopping extravaganza!

We have a surprise for all our visitors courtesy Lakme Absolute Salon – Tweet to us using #HappyShoppersMarket and tell us why you would like to attend. Best answers will receive complementary vouchers hurry!!!

By: Akanksha Narang

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