#DonewithRed on Valentine’s Day

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In fashion whenever something is done in excess we get done with it. So when February started approaching, our inbox was over flooded with brands sending us product pictures of apparel, accessories, imitation jewellery, beauty kits and the list goes on. All these products had one common colour code. You guessed right!!! ‘RED’ it is.

This made us wonder have we all started to associate the colour Red for anything and everything to do with Valentine’s day. We agree that the colour Red has been symbolic with the emotion love. Now when we talking about love we not referring the love we share with our parents or sibblings or friends or to the community and society. We are precisely referring to the word ‘Eros’ in Greek that refers to “intimate love” or romantic love.

We don’t hate the colour Red, but we couldn’t just help seeing everybody on Valentine’s day wearing RED. It seemed like our Media folks were hell bent on ‘PAINTING THE CITY RED’ on Valentine’s day. For most of you who have been in love the emotion is just not about one colour its an outburst of multiple colours, it’s a melange of different colours coming together like a rainbow. Bright, Radiant, Vibrant and most of all the emotion Love emits a flovour of freshness. Then why stick to a colour that is so done to death.

We had our thoughts in place but wanted to know how our readers would respond to our new take on the colour of Love. We ran a campaign on twitter with the hashtag #Donewithred and asked our readers which special colour would they embrace on Valentine’s day. The response was overwhelming, within minutes of launching our campaign we received more than 150 tweets. Most of the readers agreed to our stand of giving ‘RED’ a miss this Valentine’s day. Below are a few selected tweets, see what the twitterati had to say…

For more tweets visit hash tag #Donewithred on twitter. Do leave your comment @FMWdotcom using hash tag #Donewithred…

By: Jeremy Cabral

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