Balmain Changes Its Logo and Philosophy


Balmain has changed its logo and philosophy for the first time in seven decades. Olivier Rousting, the creative director, hired Adulte Adulte from the design studio for the task. He altered the brand logo to something bolder and cleaner.

Balmain Paris new logo

The new logo weaves together letter B and P as one single letter, which is a reference to Paris and Balmain’s eponymous founder, Pierre Balmain. The change in logo is a lot more than a simple adjustment in the letters. The innovation embodies a brand new phase for Balmain that seeks to reach a global audience. Balmain is set to invest in extra accessories and parade the haute couture collections to keep up with the change.

According to Rousteing, the logo signifies the brand today, whereas still representing the past. This means that Balmain did not break down its rules and traditions simply for the sake of doing that but because times are changing. Balmain has become a fast-growing brand that relies on the most recent media to reach a global audience.

In a move to maintain its traditions, Roustening stressed the need to acknowledge the company’s roots in its re-design process. The eponymous founder also recognized the necessity to reference from Pierre Balmain initial design created over 70 years ago. The logo created is fantastic, contemporary, and clean and represents the attuned philosophy of reaching a global audience. Furthermore, the new logo and philosophy manage to preserve the original heritage while at the same time making it clear that it represents the French luxury band for the modern world.

Rousteing’s move to embrace Balmain’s past signals a stronger medallion which glitzes up jeans and jackets alike. This shows the brand’s commitment to preserve its heritage, sexiness, and craftsmanship.

Rausteing is inspired by women empowerment, with his design focusing on the strength of women. He once told British Vogue that a woman who is going to wear Balmain is a warrior. Moreover, as an influential advocate for diversity in the fashion industry, his new philosophy stresses on diversity with its flagrant universal display.

This philosophy lays the foundation for the company’s promotional campaign. To show diversity, Rousteing redesigned the buzzed-about photo with Dan Beleiu, the photographer, and model, friend, and actress Cara Delevingne for Balmain’s Summer/Spring 2019 campaign. With the photograph, he was referencing the Patrick Demarchelier portrait of 1993 that featured Janet Jackson. This photograph represented a vital pop culture moment during Rousteing’s childhood.

Rousteing’s campaign philosophy lies deeper than the photos themselves. Although these photographs look great and sensual, nothing is engaging about them. The messaging isn’t all about the 90s nostalgia, but inclusivity. This campaign and philosophy display reunion of two skin tones, one mixed race or one black and one white. Posing naked is all about authenticity. The new philosophy has considered the basics to represent something transparent and pure.

Along with inclusivity, diversity, and authenticity, the philosophy signifies global unity, providing an opportunity of needed discussion in the current global landscape. As for philosophy, inclusivity and diversity are the critical aspects for the new brand.

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Story by: Jeremy Cabral

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