Clothes Make The Woman

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By: Nancy Katyal

These are some of the messages that we send to the outside world based on what and how we wear our clothes. This may not seem fair, but we may not be aware when people form perceptions before we even get a chance to speak. Let’s accept that we too knowingly or unknowingly compare and evaluate others based on the style of clothes they wear.

Clothes Communicate -Be Cautious

Every morning when you pick a dress from your wardrobe, you are ready to convey a message about who you are, where you are going and what you do.
We often present a perfect image when meeting someone prominent – a good friend, colleague, relative or a job interview. We are conscious and dress the part as we want to look our best. Often we observe that we care less and dress in a relaxed state when we are with the rest of the world. Why? Think every day to be an opportunity to impress the world that only the best is good enough for you and you must dress your part.

Remember, the world pretty much sums you up by the clothes you wear, and treats you accordingly. You need to be extra cautious in choosing from the available options so as to send the right message.

As it is rightly said ”First impressions are the last impressions”.

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