Diwali Gifting Options

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By: Roshni Raj

With the lights and the festivity of Diwali buzz in the air, we bring you the top four gifts for this season. Make them feel loved and special with the fancy goodies that the market has to offer and a little extra effort is always worth it. It also earns you major brownie points for them.

Eina Ahluwalia Earring Collection

Eina Ahluwalia has the splendid collection of her exquisiteness and glamour and this earring is an eye candy for every beauty loved woman. Intricate work and the colour is an element of style and luxury in itself. The name is just a tag for the Upper East Side fancies to show off.

Wemakelove.in is the creative solution to your eco conscious friend who gives you the eye while bursting firecrackers. As a part of their Green Diwali’ agenda, handcrafted firecrackers wrapped in the cute bags are what they are initiating. We love the idea, do you?

Make this Diwali a healthy one too. Nature’s Basket is offering the assorted array of exotic gourmet at reachable expenses. With the variety and choice in the multiplicity of grub, we are absolutely thrilled to kick start a healthy festival this time.


Men love their toys and QuirkBox’s collection of wrappings for iPads and laptops is a marvelling beauty. Get quirky and stylish with the ease of not having them to feel left out. And yes, it is indeed a Happy Diwali.

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