Elegance Reloaded

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By: Roshni Raj

For the love of a blissful Sunday and many other things, we found our clichéd outfit inspired from the racetracks. Stand tall, lovely and dominant with the hint of charm and grace. We are absolutely thrilled to find these styles that would give us a chance to fit in all the brackets.

Alice McCall’s colour in sobering tones and alluring monotony of simplicity, we endure the charm and elegance that this dress exudes. Minimal detailing is what keeps this in the effortlessly glamorous zone. Leading ladies flaunting their lucky charm around the world have spotted sporting this chic and high society fashion.

We have the best shoes to go with it from Aldo. Sleek and super sexy, they are the power grenade for our attire this season. Being in the sporty moods, we pack the charisma and high power magnetism with this pair.

Bold fashion statements are a risky business but it is totally worth it if you can carry it off well. This dress from Bebe is a binge love heart dress that we cannot get enough of. The slight peplum, the play of shades and hues and the sheer magnificence and beauty is what pulls in the attractiveness.

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