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By: Roshni Raj

So excited to dress up today! Woke up to the face of one of the most beautiful people and great actresses, Mila Kunis.  We cannot seem to get enough of her Dior ads and also are in absolute agreement that the black and white photograph just ads more oomph! to the ad.

Mila Kunis Miss Dior Fall 2012 Ad Campaign
Mila Kunis Miss Dior Fall 2012 Ad Campaign

We can’t distract ourselves too long and have decided to get back to this festive season’s gift list. Our season’s choice for bags would be a subtle brown or a shade of grey. You might want to keep the printed ones away for now. Wide totes in bold colours with exquisite designing have been hanging on our list for a while now. We don’t want to spot other ladies on the metro carrying the same thing. This lurking style of blending bags and prints is our favourite of the day.


Always belting the same kind of high waist cinchers to accentuate those slim waistlines or slingy low waist studded belts to show off the boldness within? Anybody in for a little more of this? Extremely thin coloured belts worn more than one at a time for a suitable outfit can be an eye catcher. We love how this style works for slim cut midi-dresses or tops that flare, waist down. Gorge upon this style with uber sexy colours and we can’t wait to spot those strips enhancing those fit and fab waists.


We’ve been trying to figure our different ways to sport a bodysuit. Snake print pants or a high waist asymmetrical skirt? We love both. Time we start putting more into those wonderful bodysuits that we spotted our bootylicious JLo and Jessie J flaunting. What also caught our attention was the mid open lace form of this. Alluring and stunning forms of this piece leaves us wanting to try them for both formal and casual wear.

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