For The Tip And The Toe

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By: Roshni Raj
Everyone seems to be glued to their television sets awaiting the announcement of the next president of United States of America. And we are striving for a change of topic.
Shaking off memories and boggling the ennui of uniform codes, we found our spice with hackneyed clichés in the form of shoes and sunglasses.

It’s not just any shoe or sunglasses, we spotted the chronically overstretched frames of chic and style. The unevenness and asymmetrical heights leaves us asking for more. Watch out Ray Bans and Aviators, there is some serious competition creeping in this fall.

And for shoes, we love investing in flats. One of fashion’s most powerful muses which are comfortable and undeniably overwhelming are Oxfords. Tanned shades with diaphanous fabrics is something impeccably cool in this pair. We love the play of colours too. Pair them with maxi dresses or skirts with thigh high slits. Diplomatic dressing seems to be another viable option with this one.

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