Gareth Pugh unvealed Forevermark Promise Campaign

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British Fashion Designer Gareth Pugh recently announced his collaboration with Forevermark, the diamond brand at a press conference held in Mumbai where he unveiled his first fine jewellery piece for the brand. Since his debut  in London Fashion Week Fall 2006, Gareth Pugh has received a lot of critical acclaim from fashion circles. Described by as the latest addition to a long tradition of fashion-as-performance-art that stretches back through Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, and Vivienne Westwood to the eighties club culture of Leigh Bowery. Gareth spoke about the inspiration and journey behind his design where he learnt about the unique promise inscribed on every Forevermark diamond. Featuring over a hundred natural and untreated precious Forevermark diamonds, this armour-like piece is designed as a part of the Forevermark Promise Campaign.

British Designer Gareth Pugh unveiling his First Jewellery piece designed for Forevermark
British Designer Gareth Pugh unveiling his First Jewellery piece designed for Forevermark

THE INSPIRATION: The design process for Gareth began earlier this year during his trip to the Orapa diamond mine in Botswana, where he came to understand the incredible story behind each Forevermark diamond. From seeing and handling rough diamonds, Gareth witnessed their transformation into beautiful polished gems at an Authorised Forevermark Diamantaires cutting and polishing factory. One part of the operation that he found particularly compelling was the alliance between age-old craft and advanced technology. Gareth knew immediately that he wanted that relationship to be part of the story of this piece.

THE CREATION: Following this creative path, Gareth developed the idea of working with a unique set of contradictions. “The design was brought into existence in a most innovative way: utilising the power of technology ““ through digital body-mapping and 3D printing ““ combined with the knowledge and authority of experienced craftsmanship,” said Pugh.  And the paradoxes continue with natural and untreated Forevermark diamonds, which are billions of years old, being set within a stainless steel base, built using completely new technology.

THE CAMPAIGN: Building on the success of the 2012 Promises and Pledges Exhibition and the corresponding website, designers and celebrities from all over the world are joining the Forevermark 2013 Promise campaign with each learning more about the unique way in which Forevermark diamonds are not only responsibly sourced, but also actively benefit the communities from which they come.

Gareth Pugh Forevermark Promise Neckpiece
Gareth Pugh Forevermark Promise Neckpiece

Pugh also explained, “The inspiration behind the neck-piece comes from my idea of what a promise is ““ an unbreakable bond. Coming back to Forevermark, it’s about the reciprocal relationship that they have with the communities they support. It’s not about taking, it’s about giving something back. The piece closes with a titanium pin which is set with a diamond on the top. I really liked the idea of using that as a signifier of an unbreakable bond.”

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