How to prepare for a 21 day lockdown?


1. Stop protesting and accept that it is the need of the hour 

2. Brief your family on the necessity & assure them that together you will brave this storm 

3. Get every member especially kids to commit to cooperate 

4. Take note of your cash reserves, cash in hand works better at this juncture 

5. Take stock of your kitchen/store reserves. Actually sit & write down what you have in stock, (don’t trust your mental assessment here)

6. Plan meals for the first 2-3 days utilising all highly perishable items

7 Menus have to be Spartan and Minimalist 

8. Take stock of regular medicines needed by elderly or others 

9. Rid your fridge of all those bottles and stuff & make room for essentials 

10. Refrain from tidying up and dusting old stuff,  you could trigger a dust allergy 

11. Stay away from ice cold water. You don’t want a sore throat at this stage 

12. Get 10-15 minutes exposure to sunlight to keep vitamin D levels

13. Prepare a list of essentials to buy. Nothing fancy just essentials 

14. Limit your shopping trip to ONE visit per week. Make sure to have a thorough bath with soap and immediately soak your clothes in soap detergent which you wore to go out

15. Buy essentials based on a sensible estimate. Do not try to stock till 2021

16. Make sure everyone at home gets to exercise for some time. Practice breathing exercises or basic yoga easily available on Youtube  

17. Don’t do any strenuous work out… Injuries won’t help at all 

18. Be wary of currency notes and coins. Store them in a closed box and wash your hands after touching them 

19. Stay cheerful drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

20. Share house work with members of the family. Your maid wouldn’t be around

Stay blessed and all the best.

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