Want to be a supermodel like Lakshmi Rana?

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Keeping with the need for a kaleidoscope of personalities, who will be the next big thing, as the new year brings rays of hope, the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), is coming up with the #GetNoticed model hunt. This is being done, in association with Wilderbee Talent Camp (WTC), by supermodel Lakshmi Rana.

Supermodel Lakshmi Rana of Wilderbee Talent Camp

What is Wilderbee Talent Camp?

Wilderbee Talent Camp is an all inclusive camp dedicated towards a focussed endeavour of transforming models and aspiring models into their world class counterparts by incorporating years of industry experience and knowledge. Transforming dreams of all men and women into groomed, artistic versions of themselves, any place to THE place. We do not discriminate over gender, height and weight.

This education has been designed by Supermodel Lakshmi Rana herself, keeping in mind all the challenges that are to be faced as a model in the Fashion Industry and the tools needed to understand the business of modelling in a holistic manner.

The objective of the #GetNoticed Model Hunt

The FDCI and WTC will initiate the process with online applications from aspiring supermodels. Interestingly, to break the mould of perceived perfection, it will be inclusive. So whether you are regular, petite, plus-size or transgender, everyone is welcome to apply.

The process

The fortunate 15 new faces will be selected from online applications and invited to the FDCI Office to undergo an intensive training module designed by supermodel Lakshmi Rana. This in-depth program will be conducted over three days, during the first week of February, and conclude with a jury on the fourth day.

Supermodel Lakshmi Rana of Wilderbee Talent Camp

Three models will be selected from the 15 shortlisted ones, who will get a chance to strut on the coveted India Fashion Week runway. “The FDCI has always been a thought leader, we believe in not just discovering talent, but also nurturing it to touch the summit. As the world is opening up to limitless possibilities, we have chosen a way that reaches out to millions, aspiring to realise their embellished dreams. Wilderbee Talent Camp by supermodel Lakshmi Rana is one of the first all-inclusive training camp and we feel confident that this intensive training by her will be of immense value to the newcomers,” says FDCI Chairman Sunil Sethi.

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