The Heiress Is Coming To India

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By: Roshni Raj

Drifting back the reality conscience of our fatal yet fashioned minds, we wake up to a startling truth that most of us have in our minds for a long time now. International fashion is a big thing and we are perfectly okay with this idea of blossoming brands and designs by people outside our territorial boundaries.

Paris Hilton

From billowing silhouettes and streaking eyes, we channel and adjust to the overly prim and precise Paris Hilton. Love her or hate her, she is definitely an obsession in this industry. America’s top notch diva, socialite, singer, designer and popular face; she lives the glamorous life millions would kill for. She warps exuberant styles and modes. Chic and styled to perfection from head to toe, we glared and stumbled over her high-spirited blonde hair sported in multiplicity of unimaginable sorts.

Paris Hilton

The to-die-for red lips and stellar eyes, the impeccable beauty cannot be overlooked. She is the fairy godmother of all the little princesses who’ve sun-up in pretty pink costumes and wands living in the fairytale land with shine and glitter. And as plush and exciting this fantasy may sound, this beauty draped in fantastical pieces has always proved that life is as glamorous as you can dream of it.

We can go on and on, and you will be perfectly okay with the idea of, ranting about her success and glory, but we have you a chance to watch her do it. Gear up India, November is all set to take fashion to a whole new level and this international face will take the cake. India Resort Fashion Week starting from November 28 is all about fearless fashion and faces that takes overwhelming design’ to a surprisingly astound echelon. The wait to watch is killing us already. Are you thrilled?

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