5 Tips for Better Blow Drying

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Drying our hair after we have washed it is something we take for granted. It is also something that frustrates us as however hard we try, we seldom get our hair looking like a hairdresser can. The majority of us just dismiss this and think it’s because they are professionals but it is very easy to blow dry your hair properly yourself if you know how. Here we have 5 tips for better blow drying to give you that ‘just stepped out of the salon’ look every time you wash and dry your hair.

Blow Dry


There is a reason why hairdressers section our hair before drying; every part of our hair is dried differently. Always start as the back and, if you have short hair, use a flat brush to brush the hair outward towards the ears while aiming the hair dryer downwards. This makes sure the the heat gets right through to the roots and ensures your hair lies properly. Then its the turn of the sides and finally the top and front.

The Best Tools For The Job

It can be tempting to stick with that old faithful brush you have had for years and almost as many hairstyles but in all honesty there is no such thing as a one size fits all brush. Next time you are at the hairdresser watch them as they are drying your hair and see which brushes they use for which area. You may end up with quite a collection but if it means you are saving on visits to the hair salon it is a very worthwhile investment.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NylTt9m7U8&w=420&h=315]

Don’t Overdo It

When you buy any hair products aimed at assisting with blow drying; mouse, gel, serum etc there are instructions on the packaging regarding how much to use. Now, how many of you actually read them? Squirting a huge handful of mousse then running it through your hair will not make it work better it will have the opposite effect of making the hair sticky and flat.  A small fortune is spent on developing these products and extensive testing has been done to find out how much to use for the optimum effect. Less is definitely more when it comes to hair products.

Bend for Bounce

According to Salon Lines even though they laughed at us doing it in the 80’s but drying your hair upside down really is the best way of adding bounce and volume. The premise is simple; you are drying the hair is a different direction and by aiming the heat directly at the root you are getting the lift you want. This is very easy to do when you have longer hair but upside drying isn’t always best for those short style which demand lift on the top. Starting at the crown and using a round brush concentrate on one section at a time and lift the hair while you dry it, aiming the hair dryer at the roots. Once dry use your finger to manipulate it as a brush will only flatten it then finishes off with wax to preserve the height.

Terrific Temperature

According to Schwarkopf Never dry your hair on full blast. Sure it may dry your hair quicker but even with the use of a brush you will have little control over how your hair dries. The hotter the hair dryer the more hot air billows out and sends your hair all over the place. Using a lower setting takes a bit longer but you can control how your hair is being dried and end up with your hair looking how you want not looking as if you have just climbed out of bed.

These great tips should help you to better hair and ensure you look great.

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