A Day of Beauty at Taj Salon

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Wake up and rush to work. In the midst of board meetings and conference calls you start to wonder, has your social life taken a back seat. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle it is always good to take time out to rejuvenate and relax to let those creative juices flow back the way they did before, to keep you on the top. And I did just the same. I heard about Taj Salon celebrating 110 years so I decided to indulge in a day of beauty and join in this celebration.

Taj Salon
Taj Salon

Located in the Taj Hotel, the salon dates back to the year 1940 when it was one of the two only salons in the country. It was run by a French woman Madame Jacques and got re-launched as Taj Salon’ after she retired in 1981.

Beautifully lit, the place immediately gave me a sense of calmness and serendipity. The employees were welcoming and greeted with the warmest smiles. After analyzing my scalp and hair, Ahmed, their senior stylist suggested I go for Moroccan oil treatment for my dry scalp.

A Day of Beauty
A Day of Beauty

He divided my hair into sections and started applying Moroccan Oil Dry Scalp Treatment with a dropper. He massaged my head thoroughly to ensure the oil gets evenly spread and absorbed into my scalp. It absorbs immediately and works quickly on your hair restoration. Especially designed for scalp, this works wonders if you face dryness issue.

Moroccan Oil Products
Moroccan Oil Products

While I had already started to loosen up, it was time for hair wash. Ahmed used Moroccan Hydrating Shampoo to bring moisture back into my hair. It infuses dry strands with antioxidant argan oil and vitamin E to restore my hair’s lost shine and smoothness. After the wash, my towel-dried hair felt so smooth I felt the treatment ends there.

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Next he covered each of my hair strands in Intense Hydrating Mask. “Intense” made me happy because my hair had become so dry and frizzy anything less than intense wouldn’t have worked. It’s a 5-minute treatment yet its argan rich formula is so quick to act, it revitalizes your hair’s texture, elasticity and manageability after the first use itself. And then your hair can stand anything-blow dry, ironing?

Taj salon

After the conditioner was washed off and my hair blow dried, it was difficult to believe my eyes. I must have felt up my hair atleast 10 times in disbelief. I entered the salon with dry scalp, frizzy hair and was leaving with smooth as silk locks that were making me fall in love with Moroccan oil and ofcourse, Taj.

And while I stepped out, feeling happy as a rainbow, a very pretty lady said, “You’ve got really beautiful hair!” and that made my day!

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By: Akanksha Narang

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