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Renowned professional skin care brand Pevonia promisingly adds to its gamut of skin care products Spa Clinica PRO Micro-retinol line, an absolute anti-aging solution. The product has been curated using the very popular retinol technology especially after witnessing its enormous breakthroughs as an ingredient that overcomes instability and irritability. Also known for its organic properties Pevonia introduces its latest addition in the same light.

Femina Miss India Vanya Mishra
Femina Miss India Vanya Mishra

Breaking away from the customary style of creating anti aging products Pevonia brings to the fore an altered target audience. No more are anti aging products meant only for the demographic group of 45 years and above as Pevonia’s Spa Clinica Micro- retinol line points its treatment for the youngsters beginning the age of 30. This has been spawned by the growing obsession for skin dishearteningly caused by the environmental stressers and ultraviolet radiations.

At a press meet of the product Pevonia International President/CEO, Mr. Philippe Hennessy declared, “We add Mirco-retinol to the existing list of ours products here for we are convinced Pevonia has already found takers in the Indian market.” He also added, “There is no doubt ageing is indispensable but it can always be delayed or rather one can age gracefully and Pevonia’s Micro-retinol solution is here just to do that. Another interesting highlight definitely is being a product for even the young people apart from confining to the aged. “

The spa treatment features an unsurpassed formula, this high performance treatment combines a deep cleansing, potent yet gentle peel, and Micro-Retinol Treatment to recapture smoother, denser, and younger-looking skin instantly. Its a 50 to 55 minutes high performance treatment priced at 50,000 rupees, which includes 5 treatments over 5 weeks, as well as the home follow-up range that will last for 2 months. What makes it more desirable is the attainment of instant dramatic results.

Also speaking on the launch of the all new Spa Clinica Pro Micro-Retinol Managing Director, Pevonia India,  Mr F.J Singh exclaimed, “It is indeed a grand honour to introduce Spa clinica PRO Micro-Retinol to our the customers here for it is definite to yield superlative results and most interestingly an instant one at that.”

An invariably result driven brand around the world Pevonia is also the foremost company to develop a Spa and skincare Line exclusively for the elite spas and Professional Aestheticians.

Pevonia is predominantly known for its anti aging products and has been on a successful stint since 2006 with the Indian customers. Internationally Pevonia is the most touted brand that develops a spa and skincare line exclusively for the elite spas and professional aestheticians.

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